Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Matt Villain

Why hasn't Matt Millen been shot by people living in Detroit yet? Does anyone have any faith in him outside of himself?
Let's look at some information to explain why Millen should be gone by now.
Record over six seasons: 24-72, the worst winning percentage of any NFL team in that time span.
1st round draft picks in his tenure:
2001 - Jeff Backus, OT, Michigan
He's put together a decent career.
2002 - Joey Harrington, QB, Oregon
2003 - Charles Rogers, WR, Michigan State
Pretty much a bust.
2004 - Kevin Jones, HB, Virginia Tech
Pretty good, not outstanding.
2004 - Roy Williams, WR, Texas
He's probably the best of the first rounders in the Millen era.
2005 - Mike Williams, WR, USC
Not so great yet, but the jury's still out on him.
2006 - Ernie Sims, OLB, Florida State
Good rookie year, could pan out well.

Six offensive players.
Three wide receivers.
Two busts.
Not good.
Maybe he'll put his head on straight this coming April and draft Brady Quinn like we say he should.

After firing former Jets defensive coordinator Donnie Henderson, the Lions hired Joe Barry as their defensive coordinator. Barry is the son-in-law of head coach Rod Marinelli, so don't look for Millen to be giving anyone, except maybe Mike Martz, the boot anytime soon.

On the Detroit Lions official site, a headline following a close Lions loss to the Bears read as such:
Punter Nick Harris and Detroit's Special Teams Units Have Compiled Another Solid Season
Now, I don't remember 3-13 being a solid season. Even the Giants' 8-8 this year was paltry. If 3-13 is solid, 10-6 must be the apocalypse.

Everyone's been saying it for years, and I'll say it too:
Fire Matt Millen.

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