Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Baseball =/= Football

Something that is very disturbing when watching a football game, is when baseball terms are used. There is a reason they are different sports, and the same words shouldn't be said for both. Here are a few examples and why they should not be used.
Here are some baseball terms used in football:

Home run: A big pass play is hitting the homerun
Home run hitter: A big play reciever is the team's home run hitter
Pitching a shutout: Allowing the opponent 0 points
Extra innings: Overtime (said in Fiesta Bowl)
Center field: A safety standing in the deep middle of the field in zone coverage

And here is why those terms should not be used in football:
1) You can't pitch a shut out the same game a home run is it, but in football you can.
2) I have never seen a home run hit in extra innings by the home team not end the game, but in football...
3) The center fielder normally plays offense and defense, but in football...

My solution. Football is football, unless it's... football. On a more serious note, leave baseball to baseball and football to football. There's a reason why for every 3-run HR announcers don't say "and there's a field goal."

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